ADESUN --- one of the leading manufacturers of  actuated valves, actuators and valve control accessories in China. We are a high-tech enterprise with self-support import and export rights. All our actuated valves have obtained CE certification.

Since its establishment in 2003, with high-quality products, thoughtful comprehensive services, good corporate reputation, excellent corporate employees and clear market positioning, we specialize in the manufacture of automated machinery and equipment, environmental protection water treatment engineering, electric power and petroleum Chemical, aerospace, metallurgy, food and beverage,biomedical science, new energy and municipal water industry.

Since the birth of the first high-quality actuated valves of the "ADESUN"  brand, there have been more than 100,000 actuated valves , actuators and valve accessories used in mainland China and industrial pipeline systems. Distributed in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries and regions.

Our main products include: pneumatic actuated ball valves, pneumatic actuated butterfly valves, electric actuated ball valves, electric actuated butterfly valves, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, valve position indicators/limit switch boxes, Namur solenoid valves and other automatic control valves, actuators and Valve control accessories. At the same time, we are the authorized agent of VALBIA pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, actuated valves, VALPRES ball valves, butterfly valves, cryogenic valves and oil & gas ball valves .
We serve and give back to the society with a grateful heart. We thank and thank our customers and suppliers. For more than ten years, we have trusted, supported, tolerated and helped ADESUN; we thank Adesun's employees for their diligence and dedication. Responsible work and selfless dedication have made "ADESUN" one of the many valve brands in the world, and it has become more and more energetic.

Carrying on the past and opening new heights, the people of ADESUN will uphold the corporate spirit of "Honesty, Honesty, and Sensitivity", and follow the corporate code of conduct of "High-efficiency, pragmatic, objective and rigorous, active participation, unity and cooperation" to create more Good products and services are always ready to share your worries and serve you.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality actuated valves!
Our slogan is: choose quality, choose ADESUN!